Present in the main electronic and lighting associations worldwide

DALI, is a communication protocol for standard lighting worldwide. It is specified by the international electrotechnical commission (IEC). The DALI protocol is governed by the IEC 62386 standard, which specifies the steps to follow for testing.

The aim of the Zhaga consortium is to unify the manufacturing criteria for certain LED COB and Drivers modules. The leaders in the manufacture of lighting products are present in the world.

The ZVEI is the association of Electricity and Electrical Manufacturers of Germany. Due to its strong influence is present throughout Europe I+D LED is part of this network of common interests throughout the European territory

The OSRAM logo refers to the certification that R & D has by OSRAM for the manufacture of our LED modules with OSRAM OPTO CHIPS.

We were recently certified under the group LLFY (LED LIGHT FOR YOU) where OSRAM refers to its European partners for the manufacture of lighting devices.

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