Meet R & D Led

In 2003, the challenge to create a company totally dedicated to LED technology began, with the special feature of designing and manufacturing in Spain. A commitment committed to the general ignorance of a technology that had just begun, but a bet on the future generated from the invention of the white LED that supposed a turning point in the lighting.


This technological revolution that led to the introduction of LED in lighting was accompanied by a constant evolution, which in turn led to the growth of I+D LED as a turnkey solution company, from engineering development to industrial manufacturing. All this learning achieved through the years positions us today as one of the leading companies in the lighting sector.


This constant growth poses daily challenges in the search for new components and materials for a better management of LED, increasingly powerful. These premises make the acronym R & D of our name more and more relevant as research and development are our cornerstones to continue accompanying the improvements that are introduced day by day in LED technology.


Our seriousness in the work, quality assurance, flexibility and our business exhaustiveness have led us to have a high level of competitiveness and to continue working on the continuous improvement of all our products and services.

Maximum quality and high added value

In I+D LED we are dedicated to the development of integral and intelligent electronic solutions in lighting, control and signaling. For more than 13 years focused on the development of products with high added value for our customers and partners. In harmony with the market we are Flexible and Agile, two fundamental factors when winning any project. Continuous improvement and Quality are our fundamental pillars. That is why we work on the most rigorous business management systems.


The idea

Our Know-How allows us to advise our clients to ensure that their products are always at the forefront of technology. We optimize the available technological resources to always reach the specifications of the clients on the corresponding legal frameworks. This advice is for standard products or Custom has a fundamental R & D.



We base our commitment with the clients in the constant search of new elements that are developed from the enormous growth experienced by the LED technology. With the aim of acquiring new knowledge for the creation of new products, with the intention of contributing to the considerable improvement of existing ones.



The technological development in tune with the know-how and know-how are the initial step for the development of product designs, both in the field of lighting and in the electronic control that ensures proper operation and increases the useful life of good. In this stage, the functional samples are created, tests are performed and delivered to our customers for their subsequent approval.



Research and Development come together in the manufacture of the final product. We offer a large production capacity with 5 SMT-SMD-TH insertion machines, welding robots, internal design laboratory, total production control through test records, 100% European manufacturing. Our commitment is to ensure efficiency and optimal results in each of our productions.

I+D LED Soluciones en tecnología LED