Tailor-made solutions in the field of intelligent lighting

For more than 15 years, IMASD has been developing and manufacturing OEM lighting solutions with special emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide tailor-made solutions in the field of intelligent lighting for: LED models in constant voltage, constant current, dcdc, current drives, DALI drives, 010V Drivers, RF, BT modules, CASAMBI, horticulture, autonomous systems with batteries, disinfection UV, communication for Smart Cities supporting all our customers with our know-how and manufacturing services.

The positive results year after year have allowed us to grow at all levels, especially in manufacturing capabilities and product development, techniques that we make available to our partners.

We have testing and development capabilities with technologies, DALI, BLUETHOOT, CASAMBI, WIRELESS, RF, INDUCTION, DRIVERS, DMX, DIMMING OVER LINE, INVERTERS, ETC. Pre-certification of DALI devices, Electrical Safety and EMC in our facilities.

We also have standard products, you can visit them by clicking here.