Global EMS electronics and lighthing solutions

We are focused on lighting and global EMS electronics solutions as well as OEM end product design. The staff of Professionals at I MAS D has the necessary qualities to meet your demands for electronic, mechanical, functional and aesthetic design.

We provide cutting-edge solutions for any idea or application through a close and flexible relationship with our clients, providing the key advantages that the current market requires.

Our continuous investment policy allows us to have state-of-the-art machinery, 3 single or double-sided SMD manufacturing lines.

  • Automatic functional test 100%
  • 2D SPI and AOI inspection
  • Selective welding of robotic PTH components
  • PCB washing and selective varnishing
  • Internal product design
  • On-line firmware programming
  • Traceability in 100% of manufacturing

Laboratory for measurements and pre-certification of electrical safety and EMC.

Committed to quality and sensitized to excellence, we have ISO9001 quality certifications – ISO14001 environmental certifications. As well as the recent ISO13485 (IN PROGRESS) certification on the ability to design and manufacture devices for electromedicine.

We have a manufacturing area that complies with ESD protection.